We are very proud to present you the new version of PLATINIUM RECORDS Official Website.
Through it you can be up to date with our outputs.

Platinium Records is a PT based label and was founded in the late 2010 by the Portuguese artist DJ Slot. The label is focused on keep the underground philosophy alive to deliver a fresh and innovative techno variety, joining established artists and young talents from around the globe who share one same vision. The Label’s main goal is to deliver out the highest quality of techno to promote electronic music much further. Always carefully to bring good music to the general public, and above all… FOR THOSE WHO LOVE GOOD MUSIC!

Over these past 4 years the Label has been releasing some great music ranging from techno to hard techno, marked by an avant-garde sound and has been achieving a great support from some of the world top artists, what has been a great help to build a reputation and a renowned international identity. Quality over quantity is our guiding principle.

Our roster features some of the best and established top producers such as: A.Paul, The Advent & Industrialyzer, Christian Fischer, Dave The Drummer, Glenn Wilson, Andrei Morant, Clemens Neufeld, Mike Dearborn, Michael Schwarz, Torsten Kanzler, Beat Therapy, Sutter Cane, Spiros Kaloumenos, Andreas Kremer, Lester Fitzpatrick, Roman Zawodny, DJ Slot, Deh-Noizer, Alejandro Trebor, Paula Cazenave, Spiriakos, Electrorites, Gonçalo M, Gabeen, Stevie Wilson, Antony Dupont, Dolby D, Efector, Technoyzer, D.Noyse, Natalino Nunes, Ninna V, Morgan Tomas and Yari Greco, just to name a few.
All of them have a similar way of expression but unmistakable styles. Check them out HERE.